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Nope, Not Dead

Not for a good long while, I hope.  I’ve been gone for so long though, and I feel that I owe something to my one loyal reader, so I’m throwing together a mishmash of shit I like and I hope you might enjoy as well.

My goal this year was to read 12 books.  REAL, books, the kind with pages you turn.  Proudly, I have surpassed the goal and am currently on book 15, but I want to talk about the last two I read.
First was Brave by Rose McGowan.  Now if you don’t like her and/or want to spew hateful shit, go somewhere else.  You won’t change my mind, and I won’t change yours.  Reading this book, you see so much more than the hot actress.  She is strong, amazing, and yes, brave for speaking out against the hateful shit show that the Hollywood machine is and always has been.  She talks about her sexual assault at the hands of Harvey Weinstein (he is so gross), her relationship with Marilyn Manson, being black listed for speaking out and more.  It was an amazing read.
Another book was Dietland by Sarai Walker.  I had seen the summer series on AMC without even knowing it was based on a book, and LOVED it.  The book is 100% better.  It’s about Alicia “Plum” Kettle, a fat girl in a thin world, and what it takes for her to accept herself as she is, fat or not.  There is a saying, “In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”  This is another great read.


I watched the remake of It.  Yeah.  Maybe I need to see the original miniseries with Tim Curry?  The most frightening part of the movie was the pervert dad, not the clown.  But the music (minus New Kids On the Block) was good.
Then just yesterday, saw a doc on Netflix called “God Knows Where I Am”.  Shows how bad the so-called “mental health system” we have in this country can fail a person.  Sad, but 100% worth watching.

Been watching a lot of this as of late, here are some channels I like.
Freakin’ Reviews – Ever wondered if those “As Seen On TV” gadgets work?  Chances are James White has tried them.  He buys them with his own cash, and reviews them honestly.  He has saved me so much money from buying products that look really great but aren’t!
Minty Comedic Arts – I LOVE Minty!  He does a lot of pop culture stuff, mostly “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About  (insert movie here)”.  He’s got a great sense of humor, and I love his Australian accent.
Shelbizleee – Shelbi is the person who got me interested in the zero waste/less waste movement.  She does “anti-haul” videos about stuff that is wasteful and/or harmful to the environment and breaks down why, she shows you how you can do little things to make a difference (I also take my own cup to Peet’s and have my own aluminum straw), and ends her videos with the phrase, “Remember, you can’t do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good you can do.”  I like that.

The other thing of course are the fires, as the entire state of California seems ready to go up in flames.  I’ve had to wear a mask whenever I leave the house…I feel sort of like a storm trooper or something.  Today was the first day when the air quality was below 100, at 75 (anything between 0 – 50 is considered “safe”).  I haven’t been able to work out, as all the huffing and puffing won’t help things.  Usually the winds push smoke like this out across the SF Bay, where it dissipates, but we had this weird cross breeze that was making it just sit above us.  So for a few weeks, we had air quality that was worse than Dubai and Beijing.  The masks that we needed (N95) were impossible to find, as every store was selling out of them.  I lucked out and got a box at the hardware store a mile away.  We bought some on Amazon, but they aren’t scheduled to arrive until December, but at least we’ll be well prepared if this happens again (I hope not).  The good news is that it’s raining today, so hopefully the rain will help put out/slow down/stop the fires.

So that’s pretty much what’s going on at my end.  How are you?

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(This was posted in my FB on 9/28/2012)

Re-reading “Drawing Blood” by Poppy Z. Brite again, as I try to do every year. Didn’t get to it last year. It’s my favorite book of hers, and has literally saved my life (along with “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka). The book was published in 1993, and one of the main characters is a computer hacker. However, at this time, the internet was basically in it’s infancy. There are references to floppy disks, an OKI 900 cell phone, “phone phreaks”, the Church of the Subgenius, BBS systems, the Psychic Friends Network, and putting the phone onto the modem (you can see this in “War Games” and “Weird Science”). It amuses me that technology has come so far, and makes me a little sad as well. It’s great that you can stay connected to friend and talk to them on Skype for free vs. racking up a huge long distance phone bill, but so many people have replaced social *interaction* with social *networking*. It’s not the same. *puts on old lady costume* I remember a world before the internet and cell phones. Hell, I remember dial phones and when the TV basically had about 5 channels. And when the Atari 2600 was cutting edge, with it’s high-tech (at the time) pixilated graphics. We’ve come a long way. I hope in the end, it’s all worth it.


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Channing Tatum and Jerry Springer

I was thinking of the Jerry Springer Show the other day (I have free time and my mind wanders).  I think I saw a few episodes back in the day and realized rather quickly that it was not good TV.
I think I watched it three times, just to be sure and give it a fair shake.  They were all different episodes on different days with different people, but I swear it was the same damn show each time.
There were two women fighting over this one guy.  I think they should have been fighting to get some eyeglasses and brain cells because this guy wasn’t worth wanting by one woman, let alone two.
Like I said, these were all different people, yet the same.
The guy was some skinny ass dude in a trucker cap with a mullet, no front teeth, no home, no job, didn’t want to get a job and couldn’t because he’d never finished high school and he had a criminal record, smoked two packs a day, drank a six pack a day and did nothing but sit around.  It wasn’t like he was cleaning up or helping around the house, he wasn’t.  Just sat around smoking cigs, drinking beer, and watching TV all day (probably watched Jerry Springer, to be honest).
The two women….they weren’t BAD, per se.  I’d say their biggest flaw was their taste in men.  Remember they were fighting over THIS GUY.  No job, no money, no nothing, but they both wanted him.  WHY?????
I mean these bitches were arguing over his trashy ass like he was Channing Tatum.  If it HAD been Channing Tatum, fuck yeah, I’d throw my hat in the ring.  But this was a guy that made Joe Dirt look classy.
I don’t even know if Springer is on the air anymore, but it struck me as the lowest common denominator of people desperate enough to do literally ANYTHING to get on TV.

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A Body Bag and a Broken Stretcher

For those of you who don’t know, I live across the street from the back door of a mortuary. As such, I see shit. I always know when the casket company is there, unloading the new models, I know when a service is going on, as I can see cars entering/leaving en masse, and sometimes….I see the body bags.
Usually when bodies within body bags are brought, it always seems to be the middle of the night, for obvious reasons, I suppose. Well today at about noon, I headed into my kitchen to make myself some lunch, and saw a man and woman unloading a body bag.
When they do this, it’s very discreet. The bag is placed on an ambulance stretcher (the kind with the legs with wheels that pop open to full height) and wheeled in, and they do it with the utmost care and respect. Well today, the stretcher wouldn’t accommodate them.
As soon as I saw it, I said (out loud to nobody), “Holy crap, a body bag in daylight!” I then watched as they put in on the stretcher. The legs popped out on one side, but not the other.
I sat and watched while they struggled and struggled to make it work, while this body bag lay at a 45 degree angle, and slowly started to SLIDE DOWN A BIT.
Did I mention that this back door is also next to a rather large parking garage? And that cars were going in and out and could see all this happening?
It was horrifying.
Because I’m an asshole, it was also FUCKING HYSTERICAL.
In the end, they finally gave up and wheeled it in, on it’s 45 degree angle, like they had Aunt Bertha in a wheelbarrow.

https _img0.etsystatic.com_057_0_8816845_il_570xN.731522616_czn6

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I am A Pixar Character

I think everyone has that one Pixar character that they relate to.  That one that is just so THEM.  For me, at first it was Wall-E.  The fact that I identified with a freaking ROBOT of all things is highly amusing to me.  Then it was Merida from Brave, from her badass bow and arrow (I shot for many years and was DAMN good), to her fighting for her own hand to decide when (and if) she chose to marry.  But I have finally found the Pixar character that is so much like me, so true to my life, that I suspect that they had someone follow me around to get information.
People, I am a character from Moana.

I am Hei-Hei.

Yes, I am referring to that derp ass chicken.

I swear that is ME.

This chicken never really knows what the Hell is going on, and just kind of derps his way through life.
Last week, I actually wrote down a date as 2013.  I have no idea what is going on.  And day by day, I just kinda go around all “derp derp derp”… I seriously think I might be part muppet.
Dorky, derpy, and 100% me….Hei-Hei, the Derp Ass Chicken.  We even kind of look alike.


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I know, I know, I’ve been gone for awhile, so sue me.  And now that I’m back, I have a question for you:
I have heard before that in small town America, the bartering system is alive and well. Is this true? Have you (or someone you know) experienced it? If so, please tell me about it! Did a gas station let you mop the floor for some gas for your car? Did a restaurant let you bus some tables for soup and a sandwich?
Please let me know, I want to see if this is true.  While I doubt a Starbucks would give you coffee for sweeping off their walkway, a local mom and pop type place might, and that’s what I want to hear about!barter-system-online-1-638

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Was “The Wizard of Oz” a Cautionary Tale?

I think about this movie quite a bit (see my entry “Glinda the Good Witch Is a Psycho”).    I’ve wondered for years if maybe the movie was a cautionary tale.  Yes, I know it was based on the series of children’s books by L. Frank Baum, but even so, I think I may be right.


Let’s take a look at Dorothy Gale.  In the books, she was a child, 10 years old.  But in the movie, she was obviously MUCH older.  In real life, Judy Garland was 17. I’m not sure if this is true, but I read somewhere that they made her bind her breasts in an attempt to look younger, but it didn’t work.  Sister had a huge rack.


But that plays right into my cautionary tale as well.


The “Dust Bowl Migration”, as it was called, happened during the 1930’s.  The midwest was mostly farmland at the time. It had been overfarmed to death, and there was a severe drought that came in three waves: 1934, 1936, and 1939, but some places had a straight through drought lasting 8 years.  The topsoil (and any seeds farmed in it) pretty much blew away. It started in 1930 and lasted roughly 9 years, until 1939, affecting parts of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The Great Depression (1929 – 1939) was already in full swing.  So now you had people who couldn’t afford food, and there wasn’t much to be had. Farmers couldn’t even grow enough to feed their own families, and were losing their land, either due to being unable to pay their mortgage, or because there was no point in keeping it when the ground was useless.

Many decided to head West, mainly to California.

I’m sure many of these people had stars in their eyes.  They would become a famous actor or actress, and be rich, and never have to worry again.  The streets would be paved with gold. I have no doubt that many then (as now) were taken advantage of by unscrupulous people, looking to take whatever they had from them, however little it was.  Surely there were some very pretty ladies who got into some very bad situations.


But this is where the warnings of The Wizard of Oz come in.  You’re going to California (Oz) to be a star? It’s a very strange place (Munchkinland).  There will be many strange, downright freakish, people, that may be thoughtless, heartless, and cowardly (The Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion).
There may be someone who can help you (Glinda the Good Witch), but watch that they don’t turn on you (The Wicked Witch of the West).  Don’t trust the men (The Great and Powerful Oz), they will say anything to gain your trust (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, and of course I will take you home in my hot air balloon).  At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, you will realize that THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME.


What do you think?


dust storm in Kansas in 1937 4c6e291367e1ac7bd052a6aea61c4d20--dust-storm-dust-bowl

buried farm equipment in Dallas, South Dakota in 1936Dust_Bowl_-_Dallas,_South_Dakota_1936

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